Dear You,
just so we’re clear,there’s a reason why you’re here. You are here so I can have the greatest gift and I’m so glad,but just so you know I want you to see how much you truly mean to me.
Let’s see how should I start? First,let’s talk about the way you affected my heart and I can’t think straight when you are near for I am blinded with fear. The fear of you finding out,what I’m trying so hard to hide my feelings for you, are staying locked up on the inside. Sometimes you make me want to sing,sometimes you make me want to shout. I wonder how you feel,if anything I’m feeling is real or is this all a dream? Please God,put me out of my misery. 
Because surely I must be dreaming,because, you are a dream of perfection in every way.
The way I feel about you,I cannot even begin to say. 
Are roses always red? And do violets have to be blue? But the one true thing I know,is that..
I’m in love with you. 
not because of your looks,even though that’s partly it. Because I love you for what’s inside and hopefully one day, you’ll be all mine!